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Amazon Web Services – Connecting to your Windows Instance

Connecting to a Windows AMI There is a free instance of Microsoft Server 2008 R2 that you can launch, but connecting to it is quite different than connecting to Linux. You can start up your windows instance much like your Linux instance, as shown below. You select your instance, name it, and create your key Read more about Amazon Web Services – Connecting to your Windows Instance[…]

Amazon Web Services – Connecting to your Linux Instance

We have already launched a free instance of an Amazon AMI in our last post. Now we’ll look at the ways you’ll connect to your Linux instance.  This will be a lengthy post, mainly due to the fact that there will be a lot of “showing” along the way. Connecting to a Linux AMI – Read more about Amazon Web Services – Connecting to your Linux Instance[…]

Amazon Web Services – Getting Started

Hopefully you have already signed up for your Amazon Web Services (AWS) account. It’s simple & straight forward so I won’t be going over that here. Once you are signed in, you will go to your control panel, shown below. Once you can see this screen you are on your way to playing in the Read more about Amazon Web Services – Getting Started[…]

Amazon Web Services – Take it to the Cloud

Should I use Amazon Web Services (AWS)? If you don’t have already have an AWS account, now is the time to get one.  New AWS accounts are eligible for one free year of running a micro EC2 instance.  Specifically, it allows you to run one micro instance for 750 hours a month for 12 months.  Read more about Amazon Web Services – Take it to the Cloud[…]

The Linux Command Line

If you really want to know your way around a Linux box, this is the book to get.  It gently exposes you to the environment in very digestible nuggets.  Starting with “What is a Shell” and typing your first simple commands all the way to writing shell scripts utilizing IF statements, CASE statements and Loops, Read more about The Linux Command Line[…]

Social Media Toolbox: Tweriod

Here’s another tool for your Social Media Toolbox: Tweriod.  As it’s tag line states, it helps you start tweeting when your followers are listening.  It’s simple to use and simple to implement. From the home screen all you need to do is sign in with your existing Twitteraccount.  Once you are signed in, the service Read more about Social Media Toolbox: Tweriod[…]

Buffer – Scheduling Your Social Media Stream

I’ve been using Buffer for a few weeks now and while it’s not the be-all end-all solution, it’s great at what it does.  And, for me, what it does is provide consistent flow in both my Twitter and Facebook Fan Page streams.  Once you set up your account and connect it to your twitter account Read more about Buffer – Scheduling Your Social Media Stream[…]

YouTube: An Insider's Guide to Climbing the Charts

O’Reilly was kind enough to send me this book quite some time ago, so it’s about time I got a review posted for it. Having a BA from Temple University‘s School of Communication & Theater, I have some experience with learning how to communicate via film & video. Ok, so most of my experience was Read more about YouTube: An Insider's Guide to Climbing the Charts[…]

If This Then That

Pretty straight forward & pretty simple to use, If This Then That allows you to own your online information. So how does it work? Simple. Go to the website and setup your free account. Once you’re in, add channels. Your channels are the various social & online accounts you have such as: Facebook Gmail Evernote Read more about If This Then That[…]

Otixo – online storage savior

As someone who tries just about anything and everything technical… at least once… I have a lot of online storage floating around cyber space… with a lot of duplication.  Enter Otixo! Otixo allows you to have a single interface to a lot of your online storage (depending on how much stuff you have tried).  From their website: Use Otixo to Read more about Otixo – online storage savior[…]