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As I begin my journey with Main Street I’ve decide that I want to make as much of my business as “electronic” & “online” as possible.  I’d been looking at online electronic signature offerings for a little while now, but I ended up actually trying out RightSignature and I’m glad I did.  It is slam-dunk easy to get your contracts, tax forms, agreements, etc uploaded, edited & ready for signatures.

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So how did I get to RightSignature?  It was pretty easy actually.  Since I’m trying to be 100% online I’m also testing out Freshbooks.  Freshbooks integrates with RightSignature, so it was an easy choice to make.  Since RightSignature offers a 5 document free offer (literally zero risk – no credit card needed) I jumped right in.  I had a contract that I was working on and instead of doing the FedEx/UPS thing it was easier to load the document, describe the area’s that needed input, and send it out for signatures.

A Typical Dashboard

You start off on your dashboard.  The interface is clean & simple which makes this jump less intimidating for the novice user.  You basically have 2 main options from this screen.  You have the Dashboard itself or you can click a button to create a New Document.  The Dashboard tells you what you have out for signature as well as what’s been signed.  The New Document view, however, is where the rubber hits the road.  Not only can you upload your documents from your computer, but you can integrate into:

Preparing a new document
Send a Document

Initially I thought this was pretty cool.  So I saved my contract to my Dropbox folder and then setup the integration on RightSignature.  Within seconds… literally seconds… I was able to pull that contract into RightSignature and get it ready for processing.  The setup for processing is straight forward and easy.  Whether you are uploading form your machine or pulling from one of your integrated areas, it’s all point & click. There are buttons at the top which allow you to select from you local drive (browse), your existing files on RighSignature (library), or one of your integrated products (Google, Dropbox, etc).  Once the document is picked you then setup who you are going to email.  There are 2 choices here.  You can email someone requiring they are a signer, or you can simply CC them so they are aware of the contract, but aren’t a signatory.    The selection is as simple as clicking the pen icon (signatory) or the CC icon.  At the bottom you simple enter your email subject and a message so the people you are emailing now what this is all about.

There are a few document options that you should be familiar with.  You can set an expiration date for your document.  I find this to be good with my Freshbooks integration.  I can send Invoices from Freshbooks that require sign off which then starts the clock ticking on payment.  If the client doesn’t sign within the designated time, the doc will expire… which in the case of invoices will allow me to re-create the invoice with a penalty fee and the process starts all over again.  I’ve never actually had to re-generate an invoice, but it’s nice to know I can set those financial reminders.  Signature Locations & Form fields is where you will be setting up your document for processing.  This pretty much needs to be turned on all the time.  It allows you to drop overlay objects onto your document so the end user can properly fill out the documentation.  Another options is Signer Sequencing.  Think “workflow” with this option.  You can designate who needs to sign first, second, third, etc.  This will allow you to have your clients sign first, allow you to check their submission, and then sign yourself.

A sample document with Overlay tools

Once you have set all your options click Next Step to continue.  This takes you to the screen where you have the ability to designate where people need to sign as well as where they made need to make text entries (very important for your tax docs – like W9’s).  It’s called the Document Overlay screen and you have the ability to drag and drop various items onto the document you just uploaded.  You can drag a signature box, an initial box, a date box, a text box and/or a check box.  So you can drop an initial box on each page to confirm that your client has read each page of the agreement.  You can drop a text box into the signature area so the end user can print their name & their title.  Once you are done with your formatting, that’s it.  You are ready to send out your document for signatures.

For me, the next observation I had was what made me think this product rocked.  I sent an NDA/IP agreement to a contractor for signature.  As I was going about my business I noticed that Dropbox was performing a sync and that I was getting a new file.  To my amazement it was a copy of the signed NDA/IP agreement… right back into my Dropbox in the same folder where I had placed the original.  For me this means once i send out docs for signature, I really don’t have to go back to the RightSignature site to grab my copies.  As long as I’m using Dropbox (and most likely Google Docs) the signed copies will be placed out where they need to be.  No user intervention required.  How sweet is that?!?!?

There is still some work to be done on the response times of the website.  It was definitely workable, but there were times when I simply needed to close the site out entirely & start from scratch in order to get things running smoothly again.  It wasn’t anything that would keep me from using the product, but I felt it had to be mentioned.  These delays were usually encountered when I was trying to sign a document, not prepare it though.  And, of course, don’t expect beautiful signatures on your documents.  Most of us will be using our mice/trackballs to sign these documents… so the signatures are pretty scary looking.  Most important though… they are legal & binding.  If you want to check out the legalese just go to their page “Legality“.

Let me know what you think about this app in the comments below.

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