Otixo – online storage savior

As someone who tries just about anything and everything technical… at least once… I have a lot of online storage floating around cyber space… with a lot of duplication.  Enter Otixo!

Otixo allows you to have a single interface to a lot of your online storage (depending on how much stuff you have tried).  From their website:

Use Otixo to access files across all your favorite online services like Dropbox, Box.net, Google Docs, etc from a single interface and then share them with your colleagues and friends no matter where your files are stored in the cloud.

But it’s one thing to access them from one interface… but Otixo allows you to copy files between services, move files from one service to another and, for me, get things cleaned up between my services.  Their web interface works much like Windows Explorer or Apple Finder where you can drag and drop items.  Oh, and the other big deal – nothing has to hit your local machine.  You don’t need to copy files locally in order to move them onto another service.  You just perform the drag & drop and Otixo does the rest, online, in the “cloud” (a marketing term I’m beginning to hate – but I digress)

For me personally – I have my 2 S3 buckets connected, my 2 Google Apps accounts, my personal Google account, Dropbox, PicasaWeb and my Box.net account.  In the first 30 minutes I had completely cleaned out the duplication in my S3 buckets, cleared out the documents in one of my old Google Apps accounts and now I’m looking forward to maximizing the use of each service.  I’m also hoping they continue to add services (ZumoDrive please!) so I can clear out all my testing accounts and move everything to where I permanently want it.

I’ve only be working with it for 24 hours, but I’m very much hooked already… especially since it’s web-based and I can use it on my Ubuntu box to get all my Linux files backed up to the cloud as well.

******** UPDATE 10/24/2011 ********

Things didn’t go so well this past weekend using Otixo.  There were clearly some issues.. but the good news is that they appear to be getting addressed already.  As of this morning, Otixo is offline for maintenance.

Here’s what took place:

  • Box.net started giving away 50GB accounts (SWEET!)
  • My Dropbox account was getting full
  • Let’s use Otixo to move 4GB of files I have on Dropbox to Box.net
    • Initial issue was that my Box.net and Dropbox accounts kept going on & offline
    • Once the accounts seemed to be active, anytime I started a move process, they disconnected

This lasted most of the day.  Late in the evening (roughly 9pm MST on 10/23/2011) I was able to at least move my files in batches.  It seemed to be size dependent.  When I tried moving all 4GB, it would bomb.  When I attempted a large single folder, it would start and move a few files, and then bomb.  If I chose no more than 1GB of data to move, it seemed to work just fine.  Not sure if that means there are time-out issues between services or if it’s more of a code issue, but it was a bit frustrating.

It was NOT as frustrating as having to upload everything to Box.net and then remove it from Dropbox.  THAT was tedious for the few files I performed it with.  Using Otixo and it’s move functionality was mush easier.


Let us know what you think!