Social Media Toolbox: Tweriod

Here’s another tool for your Social Media Toolbox: Tweriod.  As it’s tag line states, it helps you start tweeting when your followers are listening.  It’s simple to use and simple to implement. From the home screen all you need to do is sign in with your existing Twitteraccount.  Once you are signed in, the service will analyze when your followers are online and provide you with the 4 most popular times for you to tweet.

Social Media Toolbox: Tweriod


That’s the short of it.  Now, you can perform a “free” analysis once a month.  You can also buy credits in order to perform Premium Analysis.  Each credit is only $2.50.  One credit will get you an analysis of up to 5K followers, 2 credits will get you 10K followers analyzed, 3 credits gets you up to 15k followers analyzed.  The initial free report analyzes up to 5K followers as well. n order to produce the report, the service fetches a list of followers from your Twitter account and analyze their last 200 tweets.  Based on when they tweet everyday, the reports are generated.  This takes a bit of time, so when you generate your report it could take a bit of time to fully generate.  You will be emailed with your results.

Now, if you are using Buffer, this analysis is priceless.  You can then go back to your Twitter channel on Buffer and make sure it’s in alignment with your Tweriod results.  I’ve just started using this new tool and have adjusted my Buffer accordingly.  I’ll be tracking how well this works and reporting on that later.



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