November 9, 2010


Main Street Solutions LLC

We are a consultancy dedicated to Small and Medium sized businesses. We are here to share ideas that we find interesting and useful for the SMB market.  We also want to help you with the technology you own today and what you want tomorrow. From application design & development to showing you how to navigate the social media platforms that are available to you, our goal is simple… make your technology work for you so that you are profitable & growing.

Daniel P. McCarthy – Owner

I have been solving business problems for over 20 years. My ability to break problems down into digestible pieces of information that can be acted upon by business and technical personnel to resolve the issue at hand has made me a valued part of each organization I have worked with. My ability to manage & be successful with highly demanding customers as well as manage critical projects for new or existing home-grown software solutions gives me a breath of experience that I bring to new projects & opportunities. With a proven ability to define, design and develop & support effective software solutions from scratch or to make marked improvements in existing systems has me a keen understanding of project management goals, customer needs and a winning track record of bringing projects in on-time and on-budget. I have demonstrated an ability to succeed in team environments, to communicate well and to interface productively in a demanding customer driven engagement. My entrepreneurial spirit is effective in a fast-paced, aggressive and highly technical environment.

Please feel free to check out my LinkedIn profile to get an idea of my experience as well as the recommendations I’ve received from my clients, co-workers and peers over the years.

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